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Changing retirement age


The retirement age shall gradually rise, reaching 65 years in 2026.

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Starting from 2027, the retirement age shall depend on the average life expectancy. The retirement age calculations shall be based on the life expectancy of 65-year-olds. Such data is published yearly by Statistics Estonia. Should the predicted life expectancy rise, so will the retirement age.

The Government of the Republic shall annually approve the new retirement age by January 1st, taking effect in two years. Therefore, the retirement age of 2027 shall become fixed on January 1st 2025. At the maximum, the retirement age can rise by three months.


For example, the retirement age applicable for 2027 shall be approved by the Government of the Republic by January 1st, 2025. As the retirement age is 65 in 2026, and the retirement age cannot increase by more than three months at once, the retirement age approved for 2027 can be 65 years and three months, at the maximum..


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