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Design your
own pension

Personal pension plan

  • You can retire up to five years before your official retirement age.
  • Your pension will be lower when you choose to retire early. Postponing your retirement means an increase in the received pension amount.
  • You must have gathered a longer pension qualifying period to be able to retire earlier.
  • In the future, you can take out your pension partially, or even halt the pension payments.


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Pension amount

  • The Estonian pension system stands on three pillars.
  • Pillars I and II are state pension, and pillar III the supplementary private pension.
  • Starting from 2021, the formula for calculating the I pillar will change.
  • Persons born during 1970-1982 can join the II pillar again, should they wish.
  • The state shall temporarily suspend 2nd pension pillar contributions during the period 1 July 2020 – 31 August 2021


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Changing retirement age

  • In 2016, the retirement age was 63 years; starting from 2026, it will rise to 65 years.
  • From 2027 onwards, the retirement age shall depend on the average life expectancy.
  • We have prepared a calculator where you can see your retirement age and future pension amount.


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Age is an asset

Working is useful at any age.

  • Each euro of social tax that is paid for you will increase your future pension amount.
  • Postponed pension will increase your future pension amount.
  • Experience and skills gathered during one’s lifetime is an invaluable asset.


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